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Single Phase Power Solutions Belle Single-Phase Motor


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Single Phase Power Solutions
Cincinnati OH
United States

The Belle Single-Phase Motor from Single Phase Power Solutions uses Written-Pole technology to deliver a 100 hp single-phase motor that is compatible with readily-available single-phase utility services. The utility-friendly starting and operating characteristics provided through the use of Written-Pole technology minimize voltage sags and flicker on long single-phase distribution lines. Ideal for industrial applications in areas where three-phase power is not readily available or cost-effective, this technology eliminates the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency drive installations.

Featuring a totally-enclosed fan-cooled design in a cast iron frame, this proven design is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in some of the most demanding environments and applications.  Rated as a 100 hp, 460 v, 1800 rpm electric motor, this innovative design delivers 95.5 percent efficiency at rated load with a near-unity power factor.  The NEMA 449T frame motor weighs about 2,700 pounds and draws just 170 amps at full load.


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