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LM-Tarbell LM76 ETX Linear Bearing/Pillow Blocks


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Phone: +1.800.628.8332


140 Industrial Drive
E. Longmeadow MA 01028
United States

The LM-Tarbell LM76 ETX Linear Bearing/Pillow Blocks are machined from a solid block of self-lubricating ETX and have high strength, excellent wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, and excellent dimensional stability at higher temperatures. As there is no other materials such as PTFE seals or lubricants these bearing-blocks are maintenance free.  

Custom designed for use in a nuclear power plant these linear bearing/pillow blocks travel on ceramic coated shafting (also supplied by LM76) completely submerged in radioactive water.  Designed with a slight interference fit between bearing ID and shaft, contaminates are scraped from the shaft's surface.  The low frictional characteristics of ETX have little impact on drive force. They are available in Inch and Metric sizes.


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