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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition CLARIFECT to disinfect poultry drinking water lines

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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

The Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition CLARIFECT is a disinfectant product created to disinfect water lines during poultry house changeover. It effectively and economically removes bacteria to ensure clear, high-quality water for farms, hatcheries and other poultry applications. 

Formerly known as SWG Biocide, CLARIFECT is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a disinfectant, unlike many other products on the market that are classified as cleaning products. While a cleaning product removes soils from a surface, a disinfectant destroys or inactivates bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The product removes and controls biofilm deposits and other organic contaminates in multiple applications, in addition to poultry drinking water systems. These include poultry fogging and misting systems, hatchery swamp coolers and cooling towers, evaporative cool cells, and many other industrial and non-potable water applications.

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