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Trident NovaPro rumen protected protein

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Trident Feeds
United Kingdom

The NovaPro from Trident Feeds is a high-performance rumen protected protein that could help the sector eliminate its heavy reliance on imported soya while delivering a cost-benefit to producers. 

As an excellent source of high quality rumen bypass protein compared to soya meal, NovaPro brings the following benefits to a ration: increase milk yield and performance; drive intakes; reduce feeds costs; similar bypass protein to Soya bean meal; no Hexane; flexibility in feeding; UK sourced rapeseed; and higher energy content. 

Ruminants require a combination of rumen degradable and by-pass protein. When using rumen protected proteins, the level of by-pass protein is booksted and therefore anumal performance maximised even when rumen fermentation has reached its limit.



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