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Fortress Technology Interceptor DF (Divergent Field) food metal detector


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Fortress Technology
The Phantom Building
7 Beaumont Rd.
Banbury OX16 1RH
United Kingdom

The Interceptor DF (Divergent Field) from Fortress Technology is a food metal detector that inspects low profile, high value products vertically and horizontally concurrently to achieve the highest sensitivity on the planet.

Believed to be the first ever multi-orientation, multi-scan food metal detector, the Interceptor DF is especially sensitive to very thin metal contaminant flakes and foils that are difficult to detect on low profile foods, including chocolate, confectionery, nutrition bars, cookies and biscuits. The Interceptor DF can also be used to inspect small thin packages of conductive products like cheese and deli-meats with a high value and high market image, for example steak burgers, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese.  

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