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Moba Forta GT100 grading machine


Contact Information

Phone: +31.342.455.655
Fax: +31.342.455.634


P.O. Box 7
Stationsweg 117
Barneveld 3770 AA

The Moba Forta GT100 grading machine can produce 100 cases/hour or 36,000 eggs/hour and can be equipped with up to 18 packing lanes. By incorporating three crucial aspects for a worry-free operation, the Forta machine is the gamechanger in egg grading.

With this system each egg is treated as an individual product, from the moment the eggs arrive on the rollers at the infeed section, all the way down to the consumer pack, any contact between eggs is avoided. Industry confirms that individual egg handling results in at least 2 percent increase in sellable eggs.

The Forta is user-friendly and based around two main screens. The main control panel enables a quick set up of new products on different packing lanes which produces constant product quality. The large status-screen tells which products are processed and to which quality levels they comply.

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