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Sanovo Technology Group SANOVO ProductRecovery egg loss solution


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Sanovo Technology Group
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Odense NV DK 5210

The SANOVO ProductRecovery from Sanovo Technology Group makes it possible to restore the solid content of the watery egg coming from the filling and emptying phase of any line – both raw and pasteurized. 

Since the pipes are filled with water during non-production, upon start the water gets pushed out by the liquid product and drains to the ground. When the production phase ends, water is pushing out the product again. In both phases, water gets mixed with the liquid egg which is usually considered loss in the production.

This is where SANOVO ProductRecovery comes into play. Instead of draining, it takes the water-product mix and recovers the valuable product, which can then be integrated again into the production process. The best part: according to tests, the recovered product performs as good as the original product.

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