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ROTA Technologies Egg Surveillance System


Contact Information

Contact: Roberto Taormina
Phone: +1.586.504.0199


ROTA Technologies, LLC
Birmingham MI
United States

The ROTA Technologies Egg Surveillance System detects foreign objects and debris on the egg conveyor in an egg processing plant before it causes damage and added costs. The system is available in two models: the House-Belt model and the Spool-Bar model. 

The House-Belt model will be placed before the egg washing machine and over the egg conveyor belt system that leads to the egg grading machine. These belts are usually flat, plastic intralox belts, rod conveyors, or white PVC rubber belts. The Spool-Bar model will be placed over the Egg grading machine after the egg washing machine. These belts are a rolling spool bar conveyor system with eggs already separated into pockets.

Both systems capture multiple images above a section of eggs on either a flat belt or spool bars that connect to chains. Both models detect foreign material and signal the operator when debris is found.

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