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Ziggity Systems T-Max and D-Max watering systems


Contact Information

Phone: +1.574.825.5849


Ziggity Systems
P.O. Box 1169
101 Industrial Parkway
Middlebury IN 46540
United States

The T-Max and D-Max watering systems from Ziggity Systems are specifically designed to decrease water spillage and thus reduce ammonia release, and to improve bird performance and weight gain. 

Central to Ziggity's activator drinker concepts (for both D-Max & T-Max) is that they work in sync with bird physiology and the fact that all birds, including turkeys, cannot swallow. Instead, they rely on gravity to move water from their beaks down their throats into their crops. That's why the T-Max and D-Max watering systems use activator systems. The activators are positioned at eye level so that when turkeys drink they stretch their heads up and into the activator in order to get water. 

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