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WEDA Damman & Westerkamp Smart.Light for pig feed consumption


Contact Information

Phone: +49.4441.8705.0


WEDA Damman & Westerkamp
Am Bahnhof 10
Lutten 49424

The Smart.Light from WEDA Damman & Westerkamp consists of an LED lamp that displays messages in the house directly by the animal or in the pen. With the help of this innovation, the status of feed intake of the individual animals or pens is indicated directly at each valve in the house.

The Smart.Light significantly eases and speeds up animal control in the compartment. Due to the LED lamp, which is clearly visible from a distance and displays different colors, animals with a devi-ating feeding behavior can be identified immediately. This way, the daily animal control gets opti-mized and animals that have fallen ill can be treated significantly sooner than in the past.


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