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Goudsmit Magnetics Easy Clean flow magnetic separator


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Phone: 31.40.2213283
Fax: 31.40.2217325


Goudsmit Magnetics Group BV
Petunialaan 19
Waalre 5582 HA

The Easy Clean flow from Goudsmit Magnetics is a magnetic separator that removes metal particles and weakly magnetic stainless steel particles from powders as fine as 30 μm in the food, chemical, ceramic and plastic industries. 

The Easy Clean flow magnet is suitable for large product flows and distinguishes itself by the very high magnetic flux density of over 12,000 gauss at the contact surface of the bars. These bars makes powders and granulates metal-free at high flow rates. The magnet is dustproof to an overpressure of 0.5 bar and has a simple electro-pneumatic controller. The user-friendly cleaning requires 6 bar air and 24 VDC start signals.


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