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Madison Chemical Madison Green biodegradable general-purpose cleaner


Contact Information

Phone: +1.812.273.6000
Fax: +1.812.273.6002


Madison Chemical Co., Inc.
3141 Clifty Drive
Madison IN 47250
United States

Madison Chemical presents Madison Green, a mildly alkaline, environmentally friendly, biodegradable general-purpose cleaner that is highly effective on greasy and waxy soils, such as; conveyors, floors, packaging equipment, etc. Acceptable for use in food and beverage plants based upon USDA guidelines, Madison Green meets the previously accepted guidelines for us on all surfaces in inedible product processing areas, non-processing areas, and/or exteriors. This free-rinsing product does not leave a white alkaline film on the cleaned surface and has a pleasant wintergreen odor.  It is safe for use on all ferrous, zinc, aluminum, and brass alloys when used as directed.

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