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Chore-Time KONAVI Poult Feeding System


Contact Information

Phone: +1.574.658.4101


401 North Higbee Street
P.O. Box 2000
Milford 46542

The Chore-Time KONAVI Poult Feeding System has an open-style design with a green center cone that makes feed highly visible and helps attract young birds. The sloped sides of the cone also keep turkeys from getting inside the pan and soiling the feed. The KONAVI Feeder works with all types of feed and helps prevent clumping and bridging.

With its ultra-low pan height and patented scalloped edge, the Chore-Time KONAVI Feeder provides easy access for turkey poults. Turkey producers can flood pans with feed to attract young poults, then raise the pans using one of three settings to control the amount of feed delivered.

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