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MoistTech IR3000 online moisture sensor


Contact Information

Contact: Adrian Fordham
Title: President
Phone: 1.941.727.1800
Fax: 1.941.727.1810


MoistTech Corp
6408 Parkland Drive
Suite 104
Sarasota FL 34243
United States

The IR-3000 moisture transmitter is MoistTech's NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. 

Insensitive to material variation such as particle size, material height and color, the IR-3000 online process analyzer provides continuous, reliable readings. It's one-time calibration, maintenance free, drift free optical design allows operating personnel to make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements. 

This product has many areas of application including belt conveyors, screw and drag conveyors, down chutes, storage bins and fluid-bed dryers. 

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