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Dorner Edge Roller Technology (ERT250) conveyor


Contact Information

Phone: +1.262.367.7600


975 Cottonwood Ave.
P.O. Box 20
Hartland WI 53029
United States

Dorner's Edge Roller Technology (ERT250) conveyor is suited to operate in cleanroom environments requiring a pallet handling conveyor capable of zoning for accumulation and automation assembly applications. The ERT250 complements cleanroom applications as it uses rollers, not belts which can result in releasing dust into the air, to move pallets smoothly with no friction. The rollers are driven by a patent-pending, energy efficient linear gearbox that gives customers added flexibility with motor positioning and zoning. This allows for zone and slip roller operation which doesn’t release dirty particulates into the air like pneumatically-operated conveyor systems. 

The ERT250 has the certification for use in ISO Standard 14644-1 Class 4 rated cleanrooms. 

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