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Chore-Time Chore-Tronics 3 Controller with USB Setup Key


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Phone: +1.574.658.4101


401 North Higbee Street
P.O. Box 2000
Milford 46542

The Chore-Time Chore-Tronics 3 Controller with USB Setup Key allows poultry producers to automatically adjust the environment of poultry houses to enhance bird comfort and health. 

Larger birds need higher ventilation rates to stay comfortable. The Chore-Tronics 3 Controller is pre-loaded with how much air each Chore-Time fan can move and provides automatic control to accurately maintain maximum CFM curves based on bird age. As static pressure changes in the house, the control calculates the required CFM for each fan based on the conditions.

The Chore-Tronics 3 Controls can be monitored and activated with the Chore-Tronics Mobile App.


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