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Cole-Parmer Stuart Hot Plates and Stirrers


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Cole-Parmer Stuart Hot Plates and Stirrers
625 Bunker Ct.
Vernon Hills IL 60061
United States
Cole-Parmer Stuart Undergrad hot plates, stirrers and stirring hot plates are available in digital and analog models. Practical safety features and BioCote antimicrobial protection provides safe use while reducing the presence of odor, stain and material degradation causing microbes on the product surface by up to 99.99%. The units are ideal for research and process in any industry that needs to heat and/or stir samples. BioCote technology is formulated from silver ion additives to provide built-in antimicrobial protection, so the Cole-Parmer Stuart range can support a more hygienic laboratory environment. By reducing levels of odor and stain causing microbes such as bacteria, mold and fungi, BioCote technology is proven to offer antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the product. To keep users safe, a “hot” warning light flashes whenever the plate surface temperature is above 50°C and continues to flash until the temperature drops below 50°C, even when unplugged. All units are designed to direct spills away from the control panel and equipped with microprocessor-controlled dual thermocouples for accurate temperature control and protection from overheating. The digital models display the actual surface temperature in real time on an easy-to-read digital screen. The analog models feature a colored LED indicator which surrounds the heat control knob illuminating the actual surface temperature in real time. The compact design on these units takes up less footprint area, and they are also stackable for convenient storage. Additional features include powerful magnets and motor deliver stirring speeds of up to 2000 rpm and mixing capability of up to 15 L of liquid. The square plate design allows flexibility of vessel sizes and combinations. Up to four 250-mL beakers can easily fit on the surface at the same time. And a choice of different plate materials (glass, aluminum, steel) with ceramic coatings meets a variety of laboratory needs from chemical resistance to rapid heating.
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