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Eagle Product Inspection FA3 multifunctional x-ray machines


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Eagle Product Inspection
6005 Benjamin Road
Tampa FL 33634
United States

Eagle offers the FA3 series of multifunctional x-ray machines, which provide highly accurate Chemical Lean and fat content for 100% throughput of meat. The systems use the latest third-generation refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry technology to achieve CL measurement to better than +/- 1 accuracy. FA3 machines automatically find and remove contaminants like bones, glass, metal fragments, mineral stones and some plastic and rubber compounds while conducting key integrity checks such as mass measurement and moisture and protein content. 

The Eagle FA3 series includes the following machines:

  • FA3/M for the inspection of fresh, chilled, frozen and hot-boned bulk meat, frozen or tempered “naked” meat blocks and unwrapped meat transported in plastic crates. 
  • FA3/C for the inspection of packaged meat products in cardboard cartons, plastic crates and vacuum-packed blocks, running at industry throughputs in excess of 2,400 packages per hour.
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