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IFCO Systems Collapsible Egg Crate


Contact Information

Phone: +1.800.444.4274


IFCO Systems
3030 North Rocky Point Drive
Suite 300
Tampa FL 33607
United States

The IFCO Systems Collapsible Egg Crate, purpose-built to transport fresh eggs and dairy products through the entire supply chain – from the producer to the point of sale. IFCO’s egg crate is easy to handle, helps reduce labor costs, and is fully compatible with existing rigid dairy and egg crates currently used across the supply chain. The containers are designed to stack with existing rigid wall egg and milk crates and fit established pack styles across standard egg and dairy products. Their sturdy construction and design reduce food waste, keep eggs fresh longer and reduce product damage by up to 50%. After use, the RPC collapses for efficient backhaul and delivery transportation with a 3:1 stacking ratio compared to traditional rigid wall crates.

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