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NABEL Digital Egg Tester DET6500


Contact Information

Phone: +81.75.693.5309


NABEL Co., Ltd.
86 Morimoto-cho Nishikujo Minami-ku
Kyoto 601-8444

The NABEL DET6500 is used in egg quality control, reevaluation of breeding conditions and verification of breeding improvement. The measuring items are: Haugh Unit, Egg Weight, Yolk Color, Eggshell Strength, Yolk Index and Eggshell Thickness. DET6500 is designed for ease of the users. The operation is simple and fast, it takes 17 seconds to measure all the items. 

An optional item of the Check Kit DEK600 helps to check the accuracy of the measurement. The measured results are output by printed papers and by csv data. The newly released option KENZO provides you the easy egg quality management by a cloud system.

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