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Chore-Time CHORE-TRONICS Mobile App


Contact Information

Phone: 1.574.658.4191
Fax: 1.574.658.3471


410 N Higbee St
PO Box 2000
Milford IN 46542-2000
United States

The Chore-Time CHORE-TRONICS Mobile App allows for complete remote control of all major facility systems, including feeding, drinking, ventilation and heating, using a smartphone or tablet. Utilizing a mobile server to communicate with your house control system, the app is available for devices running Apple iOS, and Android operating systems.

A “current conditions” screen provides instant visibility of the critical information and settings for all your houses, including the set temperature, average temperature, outside temperature, switch status, static pressure, house relative humidity, air speed, drinker pressure, water supply, performance graphs and more. Based on this information, adjustments can be made on the fly. Access is password protected to keep your facility secure.

Combined with the optional BROADCASTER Alert Notification System, operators can receive alerts on the go through either call or text notifications. Up to eight alert inputs are available in the BROADCASTER main box, and more inputs can be added with an optional auxiliary box. An output is also available to connect an external siren and/or light. In the event of an alert, the unit will contact each number on the notification list in order (up to 10 numbers available) until an acknowledgement code is entered.

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