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With WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp's Aqua.Plus, sows in the farrowing area are stimulated by sensor to eat more feed because the porridge tastes better due to the moistening. The additional feed intake improves the sows’ condition and milk yield.
In practical tests, the innovation proved to be particularly advantageous at high temperatures. In hot weather, it is also possible to install the Aqua.Plus system in a barn as an additional watering option. This would allow the animals to be dosed with a certain amount of fresh water at a fixed time, which they would then take in via the trough.
To request the feed ration, the animals have to touch the motion sensor at the end of the feed tube. The computer-controlled OptiMum system then dispenses the individual amount of feed. Previously set parameters such as the time, the duration of the dosing as well as the water pressure are stored and taken into account.
Another feature is that no water is added to the first portion of dry feed that is dosed out without a sensor. When the sow then wants to eat, she requests the next portion by sensor and only then is the water added. This mode of operation proves to be particularly hygienic, especially during the birth of piglets or when the sow is ill. So if she doesn’t want to eat at first, only some feed lies dry in the trough and doesn’t spoil. Aqua.Plus is thus similar to preparing a muesli: with milk it is not so dry and simply tastes better.

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