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Geelen Counterflow Postconditioner MkII

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Geelen Counterflow
Peter Schreursweg 38
6081 NX Haelen
6081 NX Haelen

The double deck Geelen Counterflow Postconditioner MkII for pelleted shrimpfeed provides high temperature conditioning after pelletizing the shrimpfeed, before drying and cooling. Due to extensive insulation, electrical heat tracing and steam injection, the product temperature inside the postconditioner is kept well above 90C. The availability of moisture in the product (typically 16-20 percent), time (30-90 minutes) and temperature (over 90C) leads to excellent starch gelatinization and water stability. Improved water stability avoids dissolving of the feed before take-up by the shrimp. This reduces cost and decreases pollution levels of the ponds. 


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