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PolyCo VR protective wear

Contact Information

Phone: +1.217.893.3330


PolyConversions Inc.
505 Condit Drive
Rantoul IL 61866
United States

PolyCo’s VR (vinyl-replacement) protective wear products are designed to be reused, recycled and to replace traditional protective wear made of PVC (vinyl) as well as other durable materials. VR vinyl-free protective apparel provides for four to six times the average life of similar PVC products, but is 100 percent recyclable, according to the company. The material provides strength and puncture resistance as well as lighter weight protection. Free of vinyl and latex, VR has been clinically tested to offer resistance to fats, oils and chemicals, especially acids such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric. Gowns come in blue, white, yellow and red to provide employers a choice when considering a color coding program for departmental identification of their workers.


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