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Ericson Manufacturing Perma-Kleen anti-microbial plugs and connectors

Contact Information

Phone: +1.800.374.2766


Ericson Manufacturing
4215 Hamann Parkway
Willoughby OH 44094
United States

Ericson Manufacturing Perma-Kleen anti-microbial plugs, connectors, cable, cord drops, and cord sets control microbial growth by embedding anti-microbial additives directly in the polymer to provide continual, long-lasting protection. The embedded anti-microbial additives are resistant to high pressure hose-down as well as strong cleaning agents. They continue to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi even when nicked or scraped. Perma-Kleen anti-microbial plugs and connectors are ideal for a wide range of food processing applications.


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