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Stafford conveyor shaft collars and couplings

Contact Information

Phone: +1.800.695.5551


Stafford Manufacturing Corporation
P.O. Box 277
North Reading MA 01864-0277
United States

Stafford conveyor shaft collars and couplings are available with smooth, hex, and square bores for use with various types of drive and roller systems and come in standard 1/2" to 6" diagonal I.D. sizes. Manufactured from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastics, in one- and two-piece clamp types and in set-screw styles, they are supplied off-the-shelf or can be custom made. Suitable for virtually all conveyor system requirements, Stafford conveyor shaft collars and couplings can be modified to customer specifications with threaded and keyed bores and other special features. Hinged shaft collars are also offered and rigid couplings also come in three-piece styles, with stepped bores, and in dual-keyed designs for mating unsupported shafts.


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