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Aviagen pocket guide: Broiler carcass condemnation and downgrade management

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Aviagen's pocket guide for broiler carcass condemnation and downgrade management is a practical and visual tool aimed at helping both broiler farmers and processors identify carcass condemnation and downgrade issues. The guide makes use of pictures to highlight problems, like foot pad dermatitis and poor de-feathering, that are often only apparent during processing. The guide use a simple checklist system to point out common causes of issues and suggested solutions, providing information and guidance on how to improve management practices both at the farm and the processing plant to help promote carcass quality. Carcass condemnations in the processing plant are both a significant cost to the producer and an important product quality issue. The pocket guide is a tool to help both the broiler producer and processing plant management to reduce the incidence of carcass condemnations and improve profitability and product quality.


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