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Biorigin ProWean

Contact Information

Phone: +55.14.3269.9200


Rua 15 de Novembro
865 Lençóis Paulista
Lençóis Paulista -- 18680-900

ProWean, from Biorigin, is a 100 percent natural solution for weaning animals, and promoting nutrition, intestinal health, and immunity. ProWean fights against stress caused during weaning, while boosting the performance and health of piglets, calves, kids, and lambs during the weaning phase. ProWean is a highly-palatable prebiotic and protein additive, allowing better nutrient utilization. The first trials demonstrated that piglets supplemented with ProWean presented 24 percent lower incidence of acute diarrhea and 17 percent higher weight gain, in addition to a significant increase in the activity of immune cells, compared to a control group. Despite being developed with initial focus on young animals, ProWean also works as a supplement for the dry period of cows and sows, particularly for gilts and heifers after first parturition.

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