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Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. SRP rotary paddle bin level indicator

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Phone: +1.815.632.3132


Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc.
1741 Industrial Drive
Unit #3
Sterling IL 61081
United States

The SRP series rotary paddle bin level indicator, from Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc., includes a universal 20-250 VAC/VDC power supply and an adjustable time delay for its relay outputs. The SRP and universal power supply unit can handle any amount of voltage. The universal power supply requires only a single device, even if you require AC and DC versions or a broad range of voltages such as 24VAC, 24VDC, 115VAC and 230VAC. The SRP universal power supply version uses an AC drive motor rather than the DC motors used by other brands. AC drive motors have been shown to last longer than DC motors. The adjustable time delay provides a 0-12 second adjustment to eliminate nuisance alarms dues to shifting and surging materials. In addition, the SRP rotary paddle bin level indicator has an easily adjusted sensitivity (no disassembly required), a fail-safe output on power failure, local LED indication with an extra-large lens, pluggable terminal blocks for ease of wiring, and a range of other features. 

The SRP can also be equipped with a technician-friendly secure cover-chain to keep the cover from dropping to the ground. The cover-chain option uses a secure link chain attached between the unit screw-on/off cover and the unit housing. This means you can remove the cover for wiring installation or changes without having to hold onto the cover while doing the wiring. The secure cover-chain makes sure the cover is retained to the installed housing.


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