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Romer Labs AgraStrip TraitChek eCry3.1Ab lateral flow tests

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Romer Labs
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Romer Labs AgraStrip TraitChek eCry3.1Ab lateral flow tests are an easy to use, accurate and affordable detection system for the detection of eCry3.1Ab protein expressed by Syngenta’s Agrisure Duracade insect-resistant corn, also known as Event 5307. The TraitChek system allows for the qualitative detection of one Agrisure Duracade corn kernel in 400 non-Agrisure Duracade kernels (0.25 percent) at the grain elevator with results visualized in 3 to 5 minutes.This rapid, sensitive test strip format for the detection of Agrisure Duracade corn expedites grain processing. Also available are the AgraStrip SeedChek eCry3.1Ab lateral flow and ELISA-based systems to rapidly test seed lots for quality control requirements as well as leaf tissue samples in the field or lab. This test was developed with support from Syngenta for growers and others who will handle Agrisure Duracade grain. The easy, rapid detection of Agrisure Duracade corn in the grain supply by U.S. corn exporters is important because the grain is not yet approved for import in China and the European Union.

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