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ERYSENG PARVO Erysipelas and Parvovirus vaccine

Contact Information

Phone: +1.34.972.430660


Avda La Selva 135
17170 Amer (Girona)
Amer (Girona) 17170

ERYSENG PARVO offers a vaccine against Swine Erysipelas and Porcine Parvovirus infection.ERYSENG PARVO protects against pathogens with its formulation combining Hipramune-Gd with the antigenic components. The presence of the cell surface spaA protein of E. rhusiopathiae is responsible for inducing the production of antibodies that extend the duration of immunity against E. rhusiopathiae serotypes 1 and 2. The Parvovirus strain develops high specific antibody titres that protect the progeny of gilts and sows against transplacental infection during the entire gestation period.

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