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CFC Tech Services AIM program

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Phone: +1.320.745.2320


CFC Tech Services Inc.
20184 235th Ave.
Pierz MN 56364
United States

CFC Tech Services offers their AIM program, a software tool for the animal feed and petfood manufacturing industries. The program is designed for acquiring, managing, analyzing and utilizing feed, petfood and ingredient analytical data. AIM acts as the central point for the accumulation and archiving of analytical data, statistical analysis and reporting and, facilitates the efficient use of the statistically manipulated data within feed formulation software. For decades the animal feed, petfood and grain industries have accumulated analytical data from both wet lab and NIR analyses. AIM’s concept is the ability for communication between three primary systems: Material Analysis Equipment and Software and/or existing LIM Systems, NIR Spectra Analysis Services and Least Cost Feed Formulation Software.

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