The world’s top 14 egg producing companies

Poultry International recently released its list of top egg producing companies worldwide, as ranked by layer flock in millions.

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The 2020 Poultry International WATTPoultry Top Companies edition showed several ranking changes from the previous year within the top 14 egg producing companies worldwide. Industrias Bachoco moved up one ranking spot, Empresas Guadalupe moved up several spots, Rembrandt Enterprises moved down two spots and Avangardco moved down several spots in the rankings.

The companies are ranked by layer flock size in million hens at the end of calendar year 2019. The next set of rankings will be published in Poultry International in October 2021.

The top 14 egg producers worldwide and their layer flock size in millions

1. Cal-Maine Foods: 45.0

2. ProteĂ­na Animal (PROAN): 34.0

3. Rose Acre Farms: 26.6

4. CP Group: 22.0

5. Versova Holdings LLC: 21.1

6. Hillandale Farms: 20.0

6. Ise Inc.: 20.0

8. Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID): 14.4

9. Daybreak Foods: 14.0

10. Michael Foods: 13.3

11. Kazi Farms Group: 12.7

12. Industrias Bachoco: 12.2

13. Empresas Guadalupe: 12.0

14. Rembrandt Enterprises: 11.9

Digging deeper into the world’s top egg producers

For more egg and broiler company insights, access the WATTPoultry World’s Top Companies database to look up individual company profiles, sort by region or product type. The database offers information on companies’ layer flock sizes, geographic markets served and key product categories for hundreds of egg producers throughout the world.

Annual Poultry International Top Company Survey

Poultry International WATTPoultry Top Companies edition includes rankings of the top broiler and egg producers throughout the world. Additional data sets in the 2020 issue include regional broiler and egg rankings for Africa, Asia, Caribbean & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America. To participate in the survey or for further questions, please email [email protected].

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