Ovotrack Egg Quality module

Company Overview

The Ovotrack Egg Quality module has been created to archive quality data from the eggs —such as the presence of cracks, dirt, and blood but also shell strength, haugh units, and yolk color— and to easily connect it to traceability information. 

When a batch of eggs is received, a sample can be taken for egg testing and a barcode label for this batch of test eggs can be printed. In the Ovotrack database, the sample barcode is connected to the original pallet data, such as supplier, shed, egg type and date of lay. At the laboratory, Ovotrack Egg Quality software is installed on a PC connected to the egg testing equipment. Scanning the barcode shows supplier, shed, egg type and date of lay. After testing, results are collected and stored in the Ovotrack database. It is also possible to enter manual candling results and store them in the same way.

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