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Webinar: How to manage piglet gut health to maximize profits

1/24/17 9:00 am CST

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Despite the quality feed and care offered to nursery piglets, pig producers around the globe still encounter several issues related to gut health which cause great economic losses. Optimizing gut health is the foundation that allows piglets to thrive. There is no “silver bullet” to eliminate gut health issues. Instead, a holistic approach is what delivers the best results. In that scenario, organic trace minerals, protease supplementation and eubiotic solutions can play a key role in maximizing gut health and improving production parameters.

This webinar will broadcast at 9:00 AM Central.


  • Explore gut development in pigs

  • Examine gut function through the life cycle of pigs

  • Discuss the role of nutrients and feed additives in therapy, prophylaxis and performance of pigs

This webinar is sponsored by Novus, and is presented by WATT Global Media


Speaker Info:

Dr. Sheila Jacobi, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University


  • Sheila K. Jacobi, Ph.D., is currently works at the Ohio State University Agriculture Research and Development Center in Wooster, OH. She is a member of the American Society of Animal Sciences, American Society of Nutrition, and the American Gastroenterological Association. Dr. Jacobi’s graduate training was focused on the molecular mechanisms associated with adipocyte physiology and the bioenergetics of growth in pigs. Her work contributed to developing the pig as a model for human diabetes and heart disease. The duality of her graduate research helped direct her to a path of using the pig as an agrimedical model to benefit human health and food animal production. During Dr. Jacobi’s post-doctoral training at North Carolina State University, she used the pig as a model for developmental nutrition. The accumulation of these research experiences has led her to have specific interest in nutritional immunology. She is interested in the fundamental question of how bioactive nutrients are involved in the developing gastrointestinal tract of the pig. Currently, Dr. Jacobi’s research focuses on how bioactive nutrients of the early life nutrition program influence the inflammatory tone of the developing gastrointestinal tract. An understanding of this area is addressed through multiple interests:  1) modulation of mucosal expression of pattern recognition receptors involved in inflammation; 2) modulation of bioactive lipid derivatives involved in the inflammatory tone of the gut; 3) modulation of colonizing microbiota and its programming of the  mucosal immune system; and 4) integration of one through three to understand the effects of bioactive nutrients on animal growth and health through different developmental and health challenges.


Dr. Ferdinando Almeida, research scientist of swine nutrition at Novus International, Inc.


  • Ferdinando Almeida, Ph.D., is the Research Scientist of Swine Nutrition at Novus International, Inc., and is responsible for developing and conducting applied swine research to support Novus’s portfolio. He joined Novus in 2014. Dr. Almeida received a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil) in 2007. He then moved to the United States where he received both his Master’s (2010) and Ph.D. (2013) in Swine Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Almeida completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Illinois in the area of immuno-physiology. Dr. Almeida’s key contribution to the field of swine nutrition is that he was instrumental in developing the concept of determining standardized total tract digestibility of phosphorus in feed ingredients. He has an accomplished publication record with articles in top-ranked international journals including the Journal of Animal Science. Dr. Almeida’s research has enabled swine nutritionists, swine producers, and feed companies to formulate diets that meet the requirements for phosphorus without over-formulating with excess levels of phosphorus.
Dr. Guillermo Zavala is the founder of Avian Health International

Dr. Guillermo Zavala is the founder of Avian Health International.  Dr Zavala holds a DVM and a specialty in poultry production from the University of Mexico; a Master of Science, a Master of Avian Medicine, and a PhD in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia. He has worked in broiler and breeding companies, vaccine companies, one diagnostic laboratory, two academic institutions and as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Population Health, University of Georgia. His field of research is in applied virology (CIAV, IBDV, tumor viruses, ILT, enteric viruses and fowl adenovirus). He has 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series.