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Webinar: Antibiotic-free poultry gut health strategy in cage-free system

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Dupont logoWatch on-demand now to learn how an antibiotic-free poultry gut health strategy works in a cage-free system, click here. 

With an increased emphasis on animal welfare, cage-free and reduced antibiotic usage, how can you best defend your bird’s guts against rising challenges? Learn how you can leverage the U.S. layer industry's experience to improve your arsenal to win the battle of the gut.


  • What is the critical day you should know in gut health development to perform successfully?
  • Why is it important to have more than one strain in your probiotic?
  • Are there benefits to feeding both an enzyme and a probiotic?
  • What are some of the trade-offs between competing gut health solutions and how do you assess this?

This webinar is sponsored by DuPont, and is presented by WATT Global Media


Speaker Info:

Dr. Bert Payne, operations director at Hatch for Hunger, Elanco.

Dr. Bert Payne is the founder of 1010 Consulting Group a poultry veterinary practice dedicated to bringing over 30 years of poultry expertise, problem solving capabilities, and management skills to the broiler, layer, and turkey industries.  Dr. Payne holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Mississippi State University and a Master of Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia.  Additionally, he is board certified in poultry medicine by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians.  Bert has held various technical and management positions with Elanco, Perdue Farms, and AgriStats.  Bert is an active member of the AVMA, AAAP, PSA as well as a past director of the NCC and the Indiana 4H Foundation.  Most recently Bert, serving as Operations Director, helped develop a nonprofit entity within Elanco, Hatch for Hunger, to deliver eggs to the food bank network of the Midwest.


Dr. Jason King, North America business development manager for commercial layers at DuPont.

Dr. Jason King is the North America Business Development Manager for Commercial Layers and the Live Production Specialist for the North America Technical Services Team for DuPont. He has spent over 19 years in the U.S. poultry industry at various management levels within live production. His experience includes GGP, GP & parent stock breeders, broilers and commercial layers in both conventional and organic programs. He has consulted and advised leading integrators in areas including vaccination programs, equipment selection, installation and construction, husbandry, sanitation and staffing. In his time at DuPont, he has worked with nutritionists, veterinarians and live production managers supporting DuPont enzyme, phytase and probiotic products and services. He is a 3rd generation poultry professional and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in poultry science and agribusiness.

Dr. Guillermo Zavala is the founder of Avian Health International

Dr. Guillermo Zavala is the founder of Avian Health International.  Dr Zavala holds a DVM and a specialty in poultry production from the University of Mexico; a Master of Science, a Master of Avian Medicine, and a PhD in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia. He has worked in broiler and breeding companies, vaccine companies, one diagnostic laboratory, two academic institutions and as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Population Health, University of Georgia. His field of research is in applied virology (CIAV, IBDV, tumor viruses, ILT, enteric viruses and fowl adenovirus). He has 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series.