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Course on Feed Manufacturing in Bolivia

10/5/18 to 10/6/18
Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Camino Real
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The Course on Feed Manufacturing is presented by ITESO - Seminarios PaP and PIENSA - Advanced Business Programs for Executives. This course is in Spanish and the panelists will be: Prof. Marcos Lara, Prof. Dr. Marcos Fabio de Lima and Prof. Dr. Flavio Medeiros Vieites.

Among the topics to be discussed in the course are: flow diagram of a food plant; handling, storage and quality control of grains and feed; dosing systems; milling processes; mixing; key performance indicators in a food plant; factors that affect the processes of feed manufacturing; handling of silos; and more.

The course is aimed at veterinarians, zootechnicians, agronomists, farmers, technicians, chemists and other professionals in the feed industry.