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Webinar: How to properly implement poultry farm biosecurity plans

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This webinar will look at best practice within the poultry house and how to ensure that biosecurity programs are aligned to local circumstances. But good biosecurity programs also need proper implementation and this webinar will examine how to achieve a good biosecurity on-farm. In a WATT Global Media webinar to be broadcast at 9:00 AM Central on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Manon Racicot, from the University of Montreal, and Anthony Pearson, from Antec International Ltd, will present best practices for poultry house biosecurity programs.



  1. What are the drivers for more thorough biosecurity programs.
  2. How to successfully break the chain of disease.
  3. Adapting biosecurity approaches to local conditions.
  4. How staff be motivated to follow good biosecurity practices.
  5. Building a behavior-based biosecurity culture.


This webinar is presented by WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Racicot headshot_90pxManon Racicot, veterinary epidemiologist and adjunct professor at the University of Montreal

Manon Racicot is a veterinary epidemiologist. She completed her DVM in 2007 and her PhD in 2011 at the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The objectives of her PhD were to assess biosecurity compliance using hidden cameras, evaluating strategies to enhance compliance and investigate the relationship between compliance and personality traits, education and experience. Her doctoral thesis was accepted with excellence and was nominated for the Dean’s honor list. From 2011-2013, she worked for the Office of Animal Biosecurity (CFIA), developing farm level biosecurity standards, and she is now working as a food safety risk assessor with the CFIA, leading development of quantitative risk assessment models for food establishments, importers, hatcheries and feed mills. Since 2015, she has been adjunct professor at the University of Montreal. Her research includes biosecurity, compliance, food safety and risk assessment. She has a particular interest in the prevention and control of infectious diseases from farm to fork using a behavioral perspective.


Pearson headshotAnthony (Tony) Pearson, engineer and global technical consultant for biosecurity and hygiene with Antec International Ltd

Anthony (Tony) Pearson is an engineer, and global technical consultant for biosecurity and hygiene with Antec International Ltd, part of the Lanxess Group. With an Agricultural Degree from the UK’s Bicton College, after leaving the family farm, Tony initially worked in the UK as a technical sales person for animal feeds. In 1988, Tony took up the role of general manager of a new farm project in Saudi Arabia, and was transferred to South Africa in 1993 to manage an agricultural company. With a career focused on biosecurity, Tony jointed Antec International as the CEO of Antec South Africa in 2001, transferring to the UK in 2006. Tony has held global roles for the business under DuPont, Chemours and now Lanxess, supporting animal production across many markets and regions.


Dr. Guillermo Zavala is the founder of Avian Health International.  Dr Zavala holds a DVM and a specialty in poultry production from the University of Mexico; a Master of Science, a Master of Avian Medicine, and a PhD in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia. He has worked in broiler and breeding companies, vaccine companies, one diagnostic laboratory, two academic institutions and as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Population Health, University of Georgia. His field of research is in applied virology (CIAV, IBDV, tumor viruses, ILT, enteric viruses and fowl adenovirus). He has 32 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series. 
This is the third webinar in the 2016 Poultry Grower Webinar Series.