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2nd Annual North American Animal Microbiome Congress

3/13/19 to 3/14/19
Kansas City, MO
United States

With the slogan "Manipulating the livestock microbiome to promote health and improve feed efficiency", Kisaco Research presents the 2nd Annual North American Animal Microbiome Congress USA. 

Now that antibiotic growth promotors are off the table, a huge movement in finding their alternatives has begun, and with 9.7 billion people to feed by 2050, it is more important than ever to come together to solve the antibiotic crisis.

Learn how the latest research can accelerate your own R&D capabilities to develop commercially viable products.  

With over 30+ speakers, the event's four targeted sessions will provide the toolkit to translation with key topics including:

  • Microbiome shaping to increase production parameters
  • Novel alternative and non-invasive microbiome sampling methods
  • Insights from a food retail perspective on the importance of going ‘antibiotic-free’ and where research priorities need to be focused
  • Lessons from the human microbiome to guide further animal studies and expand the field
  • Insights into the future of the animal production industry

By bringing together veterinary researchers, animal producers, food retailers, strain manufacturers, and animal nutrition and pharmaceutical companies, the event will foster collaborations to uncover which products and antibiotic alternatives need to be developed to complement animal production.