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Module I: Key Disciplines in Poultry Health, Regulation Module OIE

4/29/19 8:00 am to 5/10/19 5:00 pm
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Martinus G. de Bruin building, Yalelaan 7
Contact: Maria Barriga

This course is an overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of breeder and broiler production. The course covers basic aspects necessary to understand the poultry diseases in general (epidemiology, antibiotics, immunology, nutrition, etc.). In addition, the portion of the course dedicated to the regulatory aspects is dictated by an OIE representative. The course also lays the foundation for more in-depth studies on specific subjects covered in follow up courses and allow to understand and apply the regulatory aspects taught be an OIE representative. This course will be held in English by a team of world-class course masters. Among them: Dr. J-P Vaillancourt (CA), Dr. R. Gauthier (CA), Dr. M. Hafez (DE), Dr. S. Lemière (FR) , Dr. D. Venne (CA), Dr. K. Peeters (NL), Dr. P. Plumstead (ZA), Dr. H. vanMeirhaeghe (BE), Dr. M deGussem (BE), Dr. M. Matthijs (NL), Dr. M. Dwars (NL)