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Webinar: How storytelling can grow a chicken brand during transition

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As people, we eventually become the stories we tell ourselves and each other. This also holds true for our companies and brands. So, what happens when seismic market shifts shake us to our cores and threaten the very foundations that support us? Join Lexann Reischl, Opera House Communications & Advocacy LLC, and Megan Ernst, Wayne Farms LLC, as they lead a discussion about how we can find, rewrite and reframe our stories without abandoning our values during turbulent times. It’s not only possible, Zoetis sponsor logobut critically important, as our stakeholders yearn for connection and trust. As human beings not only are we hardwired to respond to stories, but the more compelling and authentic our stories of growth, change and evolution, the more relatable and memorable we become.


  1. What kinds of stories chicken brands should be telling during COVID-19. 
  2. How brands can find, rewrite and reframe their story without abandoning their core values. 
  3. How to connect and build trust with consumers when markets shift.

This webinar is part six of the seven-part 2020 Chicken Marketing Summit Webinar Series. Where poultry sales and marketing professionals come to learn about the latest consumer trends, marketing techniques and what to expect next in the ongoing competition for the center of the plate.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Zoetis and presented by WATTAgNet and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Lexann ReischlLexann Reischl, founder and principal, Opera House Communications & Advocacy LLC

Lexann Reischl is the founder and principal of Opera House Communications & Advocacy LLC, where she’s a consultant, writer and speaker. She has served in marketing, communications and public relations roles for nearly 30 years in highly regulated industries, and she has worked in agriculture and food production since 2007. Reischl holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, and has continued her education through the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis and the Public Affairs Council in Washington, D.C.


Megan ErnstMeagan Ernst, senior marketing manager, Wayne Farms

Megan Ernst is senior marketing manager for Wayne Farms LLC and oversees marketing strategy, execution and a team of marketers for multiple brands, including Wayne Farms, Chef’s Craft, GAP Step 2-rated Naked Truth Premium Chicken, Platinum Harvest, Ladybird, Buffaloos, Crispy Fliers and Naturelle for foodservice and retail customer segments. Prior to her six-year tenure with Wayne Farms, Ernst started her own full-service marketing agency that specialized in developing comprehensive strategic plans and special events. She also managed marketing, promotions, events and media, including social and digital, for Road Atlanta — a top world road course that hosts a wide variety of both professional and amateur events. Ernst holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and advertising from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens.