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WEBINAR: New gut microbiome insights to transform the poultry industry

9/30/20 9:00 am CDT

WATTAgNet and Feed StrategyRegister to learn how advances in microbiome science are helping to understand the functions of the microbes in the gut of chickens.

Recent advances in microbiome science are creating a revolution in how the poultry industry can benefit from the microbes in the gut of chickens. The mindset is shifting from what microbes are present in the gut of chickens to what they can do for the industry. The functions of the gut microbiome as a community are being better understood, opening up opportunities to modulate those functions and enhancing poultry productivity, health, welfare and sustainability. In this webinar, world experts Prof. Mick Watson, DSM logoChair in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, The Roslin Institute, Scotland, and Prof. Dana Stanley, Associate Professor, Institute for Future Farming Systems, Central Queensland University, Australia, will address new insights into the functions of the poultry gut microbiome and what it could mean for poultry production companies around the world.

This webinar will broadcast at 9:00 AM CDT (Chicago) / 3:00 PM BST (London) / 10:00 PM CST (Beijing).


  1. How advances in microbiome science are helping to understand the functions of the microbes in the gut of chickens.
  2. How the functions of the chicken gut microbiome can be modified.
  3. Examples of how poultry producers are already benefiting from greater understanding of the functions of the chicken gut microbiome.
  4. What those insights will mean for the future of poultry production companies.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by DSM and presented by WATTAgNet, Feed Strategy, and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Dr. Mick Watson, Chair in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at The Roslin Institute

Dr. Mick WatsonDr. Mick Watson is a bioinformatician and genome scientist, with over 20 years’ experience in industry and academia. He joined the Roslin Institute in 2010 as Director of ARK-Genomics and research group leader.  His group's research focuses on understanding genome function with an emphasis on systems of relevance to animal health and food security. In recent years, Mick’s research has focused on the discovery and functional characterization of novel microbes from the gastro-intestinal tract of farmed animals, focusing on feed efficiency in both ruminants and chickens.


Dr. Dana Stanley, Associate Professor - Molecular Microbiology, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences Institute for Future Farming Systems

Dr. Dana StanleyProfessor Stanley was awarded a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Victoria University, Melbourne, 2009. Following graduation, she started a postdoctoral position in CSIRO’s Animal Health Laboratories (AAHL), in poultry intestinal health research. Dana specialised in gut microbiota and genetics during her time at AAHL.  She moved to Central Queensland University in 2013 and is now a leader of the Molecular Microbiology and Poultry Health research cluster in the Institute for Future Farming Systems, focusing on human and livestock intestinal health and nutrition, probiotics, next-generation antibiotics development and pathogen control.  Dana is also running all genomic research for the institute. Several of Dana’s projects are running directly on farms under full production conditions.  Majority of her publications are in the world’s top 10% journals and among 10% most cited in the world. Dana is very passionate about nature conservation, animal ethics, exercise, martial arts and nutrition.