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Egg Standard Release Conference & World Egg China Day 2020

10/9/20 to 10/10/20
Jianguo Garden Hotel

To meet the needs of the market, LyJa Media launched "World Egg China Day" Joint Promotion Alliance jointly with International Egg Commission, China National System for Layer Production Technology and eight Chinese core brand egg enterprises on October 10, 2019. It focuses on "Speaking for the Protein of Life," aiming to expand China's egg consumption, provide high-quality protein foods for Chinese consumers, spread the value of egg products, and promote the development of China egg industry.

2020 “World Egg China Day” now returns. Alliance members speak together for "Excellent Egg Quality." Under the theme of "Excellent Egg Quality · Toward a Brilliant Future," they are dedicated to egg scientific production, nutrition, safety and social responsibility. Meanwhile, entrusted by all Alliance members, brand egg standard drafted and applied by National System for Layer Production Technology will be released formally during the conference. You distinguished are warmly invited to witness this historical moment.