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FIGAP 2021

5/5/21 10:00 am to 5/7/21 6:00 pm
WELCOME TO FIGAP 2021 THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL EXHIBITION OF THE LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY FIGAP MEXICO 2021 in its 9th edition, is renewed and once again puts itself at the forefront as the most important forum of the livestock sector in Mexico and Latin America with international recognition. FIGAP 2021 will have the largest areas of specialization in the livestock sector, you will see the latest trends and technological innovations, scientific, with new approaches in research and development, in addition to its 5th. Workshop of the School of Production. Mexico is one of the most important countries in the development and breeding of animals for consumption, striving every day to become the leader in the livestock sector, while Jalisco ranks first in the national level. That is why all these characteristics make FIGAP boost the sector to promote and attract more investment to the state and the country. In this 9th Edition we will have at least 250 leading international companies, from Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, Central, South America as well as Mexico, with official pavilions from Illinois, Iowa, China, Holland, Canada that seek to meet and meet the needs of our visitors who come to have direct contact with specialists in the field looking for new business opportunities since face to face contact is key and not substitutable to achieve the best and best result for both sellers (companies exhibitors) as for buyers (visitors).