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Webinar: Essential Oils in Poultry: separating fact from fiction

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WATTAgNet and Feed StrategyWatch on demand now to learn how to differentiate between essential oil/phytogenic products.

Essential oil products have been used in animal production for many centuries, with a record of safe use in both feed and water. With the continued development of essential oil products and further research, the knowledge basis for the application of essential oil products has grown. Although new research is available, there is still disinformation regarding the properties of essential oils and their best use in poultry production. In this presentation, Dr. Tim Broderick, Manager of Poultry Research and Development at Ralco, will examine the history of essential oils and the basis for many of today’s misconceptions, the emergence of research supporting best use, and how producers can Ralco webinar logobetter understand the differences between phytogenic/essential oil products.


  1. Understand the research and support for essential oils in animal production.
  2. Recognize the basis for myths surrounding essential oil products and what contributed to these misunderstandings.
  3. Learn how to differentiate between essential oil/phytogenic products.
  4. Determine what properties are affected by essential oils outside of antimicrobial activity.

This webinar is sponsored by Ralco and presented by Feed Strategy, WATTPoultry and WATT Global Media.

Speaker Info:

Tim BroderickDr. Tim Broderick, Manager of Poultry Research and Development at Ralco

Dr. Tim Broderick received bachelor’s degrees in animal science and poultry science, as well as his Ph.D. in poultry science from Texas A&M University. He has a wide breadth of knowledge in broilers, layers, and turkeys with strong research experience in gut health, microbiology, and histology. Dr. Broderick has worked in account management, product development, product management, research, live production and technical support.