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Petfood Essentials

5/1/23 7:45 am EST
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO
United States

Though still a relatively small part of the pet food market, so-called alternative formats—pet foods that are raw, fresh, freeze-dried, air-dried, baked, gently cooked or similar—are among the fastest growing, with 24% to 29% of millennial/gen Z pet owners saying they now buy these products. At the same time, the pet food industry is innovating, creating new ways to use traditional processing methods and technologies to achieve different product formats, such as dog chews.

During Petfood Essentials, you can learn more from experts about the unique benefits and challenges of producing and marketing alternative pet foods in key areas like nutrition, processing, packaging, distribution, retailing, safety and testing. Throughout the day, participants will enjoy a fun, interactive group exercise, culminating in a competition.