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WATT Global Media Advertising Team


Greg Watt, President/CEO, Publisher


US-based Sales

Jeff Miller, Director of Global Agrifood Sales or +1.815.966.5582

Mary Harris, Agrifood Sales Manager or +1.847.272.3191

Pam Ballard, Agrifood Sales Manager or +1.815.966.5576

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European-based Sales

Frans Willem van Beemen, International Sales Manager or +31.344.653442

Tineke van Spanje, International Sales Manager or +31.495.526.155

Latin American Sales

Tineke van Spanje, International Sales Manager, Latin America or +31.495.526.155

Southeast Asia

Dingding Li, Southeast Asia Sales or +86.137.640.39062

WATT Global Media Editorial Staff

Terrence O'Keefe, Content Director or +1.704.795.4646

Austin Alonzo, Editor

Poultry International
Mark Clements, Editor or +44.786.647.5388

Feed Strategy
Jackie Roembke, Editor or +1.815.966.5419

Egg Industry
Terrence O'Keefe, Editor or +1.704.795.4646

Egg Industry
Deven King, Managing Editor

Industria Avícola
Benjamín Ruiz, Editor en Jefe

Poultry International China
Dingding Li, Editor

Kathleen McLaughlin, Custom Publications Manager/Social Media & SEO Editor

Copy Desk

Jim Winter, Digital Content Director

Alyssa Conway, Senior Editor

Andrea Gantz, Senior Events Editor

Ann Reus, Staff Reporter

Roy Graber, Senior Reporter

Editorial Offices

WATT Global Media
401 East State Street, 3rd Floor
Rockford, IL 61104, USA



Pig International
Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., Editor