Mexican feed company assesses a DDGS increase

Would replace some grain usage

A workshop with a group funded by the U.S. Grains Council discussed boosting usage of DDGS (dried distillers grains with solubles) in Mexico, particularly at a commercial feed plant of integrated poultry group Bachoco located in Minatitlan, which currently consumes 24,000 tons per year. Patricia Esqueda, the council's technical director in Mexico and Central America, said that Bachoco has specific clients who want to customize their ruminant feed with Bachoco if it is willing to increase DDGS levels in its commercial diets.

Although the Minatitlan plant has received expert help in previous years to improve pellet quality, the increase in inclusion levels of DDGS may oblige Bachoco to convince its customers to use meal instead of pellets. Information provided to participants during the workshop indicated that this change would not affect animal performance and would simplify operations for Bachoco, especially if it planned to increase DDGS levels in its commercial diets.

Bachoco's use of grain for feed production is around 1.5–1.8 million tons, but Bachoco is looking to increase its imports of DDGS to provide part of that requirement. In Mexico, Bachoco produces 3 million metric tons of feeds annually, according to the U.S. Grains Council. Its 19 plants located throughout Mexico include three that are for commercial feed production. Approximately 80% of the feed tonnage is used for poultry, but the company also makes diets for pigs, ruminants, rabbits and horses and sells pet, tilapia and bird feed.

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