NFU member participates in Global Forum

Oklahoma farmer chosen to represent the US at Global Forum for Food and Agriculture.

Recently, Oklahoma Farmers Union member Tim Bates was selected to represent young farmers and ranchers from the US in Berlin, Germany, at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture. Bates was part of a group of 20 young farmers, both large and small scale from 17 different countries.  

The group gathered to answer three questions the GFFA had for them and then made a statement on those questions and presented it to around 75 ag ministers from all around the world. The 3 questions were:  

1.  How can we create crisis-proof food systems?  

2.  How can we create climate-friendly food systems and preserve biological diversity?  

3.  How can we improve collaboration for sustainable global food systems?  

Bates added some further context on his experience and said:

“While we had many different views, and opinions we were able to sort out a statement that tried to best represent everyone. We had some very strong debates, but we worked together on something that could best represent the group. While everything was in English, we still had some difficulties with the language barrier. It was crazy to see how we face similar issues but on a global level.

"This program was the kickoff to green week in Germany. Europe’s largest fair with around 4000 vendors of all types from across the world. They had food, beer and wines, equipment, home and garden. I made many new friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

"I’m also very honored that the NFU President Rob Larew wanted me to go represent us, and so grateful for the work that American Farmers & Ranchers/ OFU staff Scott Blubaugh and Laici Rae Neumann did in helping me be a part of the program. Thank you so much. This program made me more aware of ag production from around the world, and was so cool to see the different cultural traditions that other countries have to represent their food production! I hope that our work today, can make a difference in agriculture for tomorrow.” 




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