ERIKS North America, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Company Overview
650 Washington Road Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone:800) 821-5578
Toll Free:800-821-5578

ERIKS (formerly known as RBH Mill & Elevator and more recently, Lewis-Goetz), is the leading stocking distributor for all material handling equipment and replacement parts to the grain, feed, milling, seed, food and industrial markets.

The company offers material handling equipment and part replacements, including all major lines of conveying equipment, including screw conveyors, flat and round bottom drag conveyors and bucket elevators. Additionally, it is considered the largest belt supplier in the industry, serving over 20 countries in addition to North America.

ERIKS is widely recognized as the leader in respective part replacement for all aspects of a material handling facility, while also supplying elevator buckets, motion detection, magnets, vibrators, spouting and related spouting components, lining materials, railyard supplies and equipment, access inspection doors/tank hatches, grain sampling and testing equipment, explosion-proof electrical devices, housekeeping and maintenance supplies, motors and gearboxes, and a complete line of fall protection.

With over 300 firms represented and over 100,000-square-foot warehouse capacity in multiple locations, ERIKS can ship any product to any place in the world.

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